Pressure Booster Pumps – SJP Series


  • Head ( H ): Max. 30 m
  • Discharge: Max. 63 LPM
  • Flow( Q) : 3.8 m3/hr
  • Rating: 1 HP


  • Self-Priming Pump.
  • Stable operation even in case of air pockets in the liquid.
  • Inbuilt ejector, fitted with an ejector valve or a plug having two different setting possibilities (open & close) for maximum discharge, maximum efficiency, etc.
  • Easy installation.
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts to ensure minimum vibration during running.
  • Replaceable wearing parts and hence longer life.
  • Easy maintenance and spares availability.
  • Automatic start/stop when equipped with Press control or pressure tank.
  • Booster sets for small-scale water supply.
  • Silent Operation.



  • Wide variety of water supply and transfer duties in Homes.
  • Used for Agriculture and Horticulture.
  • Used for small scale service Industries.
  • Gardening and Hobby activities.


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